Top 5

This month’s edition of “Top 5” includes my top 5 favorite titles I’m currently collecting.

5.  Justice League Dark.  This was the last book that I decided to pick up at the launch of the New 52.  And I am glad I did.  I have enjoyed this book immensely since issue 1.  And more amazingly, that run includes a writer change at issue 9.  Peter Milligan left the book, and Jeff Lemire took over.  And the book has gotten even better.  Plus, it’s my monthly fix of Zatanna.  So, that’s good, right?

4.  Action Comics.  It’s Grant Morrison doing whatever the hell he wants to in his own little Superman sandbox, and it’s been a fun ride.  The thing that I think makes this a successful comic is that it has managed to tell a grounded, emotional Superman story, while not sacrificing any of the more fantastical elements involved with Superman.

3.  Batman.  Scott Snyder’s Batman has been terrific.  I consider the Court of Owls storyline to be a must read Batman story.  I am greatly looking forward to what the “Death of the Family” has in store for us.

2.  Fables.  Just because this long-time #1 title of mine is now #2, doesn’t mean I like it any less.  Without exact calculation, this book may be the longest continual run I have.  I will admit, shortly after the war with the Adversary, things may have dipped for a little bit, the past 2 story arcs have been absolutely fantastic:  Inherit the Wind and Cubs in Toyland.  But, these two stories show Bill Willingham’s new emphasis on Snow White and Bigby Wolf’s cubs.

1.  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  I became a fan of TMNT back with the original cartoon, and had a couple collections of the original comic series.  As a kid, I read those over and over, until eventually the covers came off.  Not sure where they are now, which is one reason I’m picking up the Color Classics as well.  And while there have been many volumes of the comics in the past, this is the first one that has begun since I began collecting.  So I had to pick up.  And sure, some of the tweaks in the origin may irk some people, I love that sort of thing.  I love seeing how someone can keep the basic story, while putting their own spin on it.

Honorable Mention:  Green Lantern, Demon Knights, Batman and Robin.



  1. You seem to like DC better than Marvel. Before DC reboot, I was the opposite, but at present I prefer DC too. Anyway, 2 Marvel series you should read are Daredevil and Hawkeye: I think that at least one of them would instantly get the podium of your Top 5.


  2. I am mostly a DC guy, but I branch out from time to time. I actually do buy Hawkeye, him being my favorite non-metallic Marvel character. It’ll just take more than 2, well now 3, issues become a favorite.


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