New Action Comics Creative Team

It had been announced previously that Grant Morrison would be ending his run on Action Comics with issue #16.  (I think, though it may be #17.)  Today, DC has announced that Andy Diggle would be the new writer starting with issue #18.  Also, joining him on art duties is Tony Daniel, who just recently left Detective Comics.

This news makes me happy.  I was a bit worried about the quality of Action Comics post-Morrison, and I’d hate to be tempted to drop both Superman titles.  (Haven’t actually dropped Superman yet, but it’s on notice.)  Granted, I haven’t read a lot of stuff by Diggle, (should probably get around to finishing The Losers Vol. 1) I haven enjoyed what I’ve read.  (That includes the aforementioned partially read volume of The Losers and Green Arrow:  Year One.)  And I have heard good things about his work at Marvel.  So, there’s hope.  And I do like Tony Daniel’s art.  His art is something that works better with an action-y book.

In the linked interview, Diggle did say that he’d be exploring Clark’s relationship with Lois Lane.  Because, you know, Wonder Woman and Superman kissing sends Lois to the background, never to be seen from again, because the only possible role that she can ever hold is the title of Superman’s girlfriend.  (/sarcasm)  Uh oh, I feel a rant coming on, but that’s not what this post is about.  So, I’m going to wrap things up, and say that I am looking forward to Andy Diggle being the new ongoing writer for Action Comics.


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