Superman and his “super” hearing

This was in Superman #13, written by Scott Lobdell and drawn by Kenneth Rocafort.  It was not good, but that’s not what this little entry is about.  It is about being consistent within a single issue.  Sure, it was kind of odd to see Clark Kent just go off on a rant and essentially quit his job at the Daily Planet, but whatever.  It’s the New 52.  Clark doesn’t have to be mild-mannered.  No, this entry is not about that odd moment in the issue.  Neither is it about Superman working out for 5 days, bench pressing what amounts to the weight of the world.  Instead, this is about Superman’s “super” hearing.  Near the middle of the issue, this panel happens.

Yes, that is Superman’s “super” hearing that is so good, it’s able to work as sonar and create a vague image of a creature that has appeared in Metrolpolis.  And normally, I’d just shrug my shoulders and move on with something like this.  But this was not a normal issue.  Earlier in the issue, this happened. 

That’s right.  Superman could not hear that the shower was running.  I don’t know about your all’s homes, but I know here, I can hear if the shower is on before I open the door.  And I don’t have super hearing.

This is one of the problems of writing Superman.  You can’t just automatically throw him into your standard, comedic roommate situations.  He’s freaking Superman.  He should be able to hear that Jimmy Olsen is getting lucky in the shower, and not walk in on it.  If you want to have those kinds of awkward roommate moments, then use the super powers.  Have him feel awkward about being able to hear Olsen and his lady friend in the next room.  Have him wake up groggy, and accidentally use his X-ray vision to see stuff he’d rather not have seen.

There are opportunities, but you actually have to think about what you’re writing.


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