Month: November 2012

True drama abounds for newspaper Spidey!

True drama abounds for newspaper Spidey!


Holy moving covers, Robin!

Flipping through The Adventures of Superman #497, I came across the following advertisement:

Does anything scream “THE ’90s” more than advertising cover gimmicks and not creators?

My first thought was, “this is a silly thing to promote.”  My next thought was, “gee, I wish I could see how they moved, but I doubt the Internet can accurately portray what they looked like.”   And then I thought, “wait, I likely have these issues.  Sure enough, I do.  Below the break is the cover to issue #1.  (more…)

Jinxworld frustrations

Initially, this was going to be a post about how I wished Volume 4 of The Mice Templar would start already, being that the end of Volume 3 said it would start in the Fall of 2012.  Being a semi-diligent researcher, I went searching for any information regarding this.  This search led me to the Jinxworld forums. (Brian Michael Bendis’ site.)  Michael Avon Oeming (one of the creators) does have his own section there.  I get to the forums, and find that pretty much every thread is only viewable to those that are logged in.  No big deal, I’ll create username, I thought.  And that’s where my problems began.

The e-mail address I tried to use was my Gmail account.  An e-mail address that I’ve used for over 8 years, and the one I put on my resume in order to contact me.  However, I got the following message:

The administrator has banned your email address. To contact the administrator click here If you tried to register with a generic (free or temporary) e-mail service like Yahoo, Hotmail, or GMail, then your registration has been blocked. Due to security concerns, we have enacted a new policy; you cannot use a temporary or free email service ( i.e. hotmai, yahoo, gmail, etc…) when you start a new account or change your email address in your profile. You must use a permanent email account

In all the time I’ve spent on the Internet, I have never seen this as a policy.  But whatever.  I thought, maybe if I clicked “here,” and contacted the administrator, then maybe they would would be able to register me, or direct me towards an e-mail address that would work.  Here’s what I got when I clicked “here.”  (more…)

Highlighting something good

All too often, we focus on the things that upset us.  It’s just often easier to write about things that upset us, rather than things we enjoy.  It’s also usually more entertaining to read a critique, rather than praise.  That’s just the way things are.  But every now and then, something comes along that pleases me so much, that I feel the need to highlight it.  Today, that thing is J. H. Williams III’s art in Batwoman #14.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I always enjoy his work, but this issue stood out for me.  What was unusual about this issue is that it had 20 uninterrupted pages of story.  And, it had to go completely uninterrupted, because with the exception of pages 1 and 20, everything else was a double page spread.  To me, the remarkable thing about this is that he is able to do this at all.  It surprises me that DC would be fine with putting all of the advertisements at the end of the issue.  Because honestly, who actually looked through the ads at the end of the issue?  I didn’t.

Looking back through this issue, all of it didn’t need to be double page spreads, either.  Sure, they look prettier with the panels contained within the larger image, but it would not be difficult to keep them as single pages.

After the break are a couple examples of these two-page spreads.  The first is one in which there really isn’t much of a need for the two page format, and could probably have been done in single pages.  The second image is one that I think uses the two page format really well.  (more…)

Vague event teasers are in Marvel Now

Okay, first, this may not actually be for an event.  But I would be greatly surprised if it wasn’t.  Today, Marvel released the following teaser image.

According to an article on Comic Book Resources, the binary when translated says “Age of Ultron,” and it has a release date of March 2013.  I hear there was an Age of Ultron #0, and it’s been teased in the Point One issue.  So, that is why I suspect that this is an event.  Of course, I also suspect that this is an event because, well, it’s Marvel.  They can’t go a full year without doing some type of company wide event.

And it was just last week that I was having a conversation about how I reluctant to check out any of the Marvel NOW stuff because I didn’t want to get into a book only for it to be hijacked by an event.  And they thought that Marvel would be letting things rest a bit, and I expressed doubts.  After all, I remember thinking that “The Heroic Age” would be a good time to let things rest and develop on their own for a bit, but I was wrong.  It quickly gave way to “Fear Itself.”  Marvel is incapable of letting things rest.  Hell, they’ve said so themselves.  In interviews, they’ve said that they’re always thinking about the next event.

But maybe I’m overreacting, and this won’t be a big thing.  More to come after their announcement on Monday.