Thoughts on Iron Man #1

I was convinced to check out Iron Man #1 this week.  I’ve liked most of what I’ve read previously by Kieron Gillen, and was told that Greg Land wasn’t so Greg Land-y in this issue.  Reluctantly, I bought it.  I figured with this Marvel Now, we may just get a new Marvel.  Just maybe that this would be a good place to jump onto the title.  It is a #1 issue after all.  Sure, I haven’t really read any Iron Man stuff in a few years.  But hey, it’s Marvel Now, not Marvel then.

So how was it?  Yeah, I should have trusted my gut that nothing really changed.  The writing was okay at best.  The first few pages of internal monologue were fine, but then the dialogue just became very boring.  It may have had something to do with the fact that they were continuously talking about something called “Extremis.”  Now, I do know that Extremis is something relating to a previous Iron Man story, but here lies my main issue with……the issue, and previous “new reader friendly/jumping on points” that Marvel has done in the past.

You can’t start a new series by having a previous story play such a large role, and then do nothing to explain what the hell you’re talking about.  It defeats the purpose of relaunching the title to begin with.  Sure, you got people to buy your first issue, but what about the following issues.  I know I won’t be buying those, because I’m not interested in jumping into the middle of some Iron Man stories.

And no, Greg Land’s art did not get any better.  The porn faces, oh the porn faces.  It really is quite distracting.  Granted, the facial expressions weren’t as inappropriate as some of his X-Men work, but it’s still pretty bad.


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