Vague event teasers are in Marvel Now

Okay, first, this may not actually be for an event.  But I would be greatly surprised if it wasn’t.  Today, Marvel released the following teaser image.

According to an article on Comic Book Resources, the binary when translated says “Age of Ultron,” and it has a release date of March 2013.  I hear there was an Age of Ultron #0, and it’s been teased in the Point One issue.  So, that is why I suspect that this is an event.  Of course, I also suspect that this is an event because, well, it’s Marvel.  They can’t go a full year without doing some type of company wide event.

And it was just last week that I was having a conversation about how I reluctant to check out any of the Marvel NOW stuff because I didn’t want to get into a book only for it to be hijacked by an event.  And they thought that Marvel would be letting things rest a bit, and I expressed doubts.  After all, I remember thinking that “The Heroic Age” would be a good time to let things rest and develop on their own for a bit, but I was wrong.  It quickly gave way to “Fear Itself.”  Marvel is incapable of letting things rest.  Hell, they’ve said so themselves.  In interviews, they’ve said that they’re always thinking about the next event.

But maybe I’m overreacting, and this won’t be a big thing.  More to come after their announcement on Monday.


One comment

  1. The unfortunate truth is that Marvel is a business and thus they are far more concerned with the next big money maker (or thing, if you will) rather than letting sales slow down as stories take the chance to develop naturally on their own. And unfortunately, a lot of readers look for that sort of thing.

    But I’m not sure that this will be a “company-wide” event that changes everything. Keep in mind how many teaser images we got for the release of “adjectiveless” X-Men’s release and Age of X, and those only touched one, maybe two titles. This seems more like the next big Avengers story.


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