Highlighting something good

All too often, we focus on the things that upset us.  It’s just often easier to write about things that upset us, rather than things we enjoy.  It’s also usually more entertaining to read a critique, rather than praise.  That’s just the way things are.  But every now and then, something comes along that pleases me so much, that I feel the need to highlight it.  Today, that thing is J. H. Williams III’s art in Batwoman #14.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I always enjoy his work, but this issue stood out for me.  What was unusual about this issue is that it had 20 uninterrupted pages of story.  And, it had to go completely uninterrupted, because with the exception of pages 1 and 20, everything else was a double page spread.  To me, the remarkable thing about this is that he is able to do this at all.  It surprises me that DC would be fine with putting all of the advertisements at the end of the issue.  Because honestly, who actually looked through the ads at the end of the issue?  I didn’t.

Looking back through this issue, all of it didn’t need to be double page spreads, either.  Sure, they look prettier with the panels contained within the larger image, but it would not be difficult to keep them as single pages.

After the break are a couple examples of these two-page spreads.  The first is one in which there really isn’t much of a need for the two page format, and could probably have been done in single pages.  The second image is one that I think uses the two page format really well. 




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