Holy moving covers, Robin!

Flipping through The Adventures of Superman #497, I came across the following advertisement:

Does anything scream “THE ’90s” more than advertising cover gimmicks and not creators?

My first thought was, “this is a silly thing to promote.”  My next thought was, “gee, I wish I could see how they moved, but I doubt the Internet can accurately portray what they looked like.”   And then I thought, “wait, I likely have these issues.  Sure enough, I do.  Below the break is the cover to issue #1. 

I could post video of it “moving,” but that seems like a poor use of the Internet.

Initially, I was hoping that it would be the type of picture where if you titled it in a different direction, then it would become something else.  Alas, I was let down.  To make these covers “move,” you pull the white tab down at the bottom of the page.  The thin, ugly, black lines on the image creates an animation-ish effect.  I would say it’s sad that the Internet cannot portray how “awesome” this is, but it’s not.  I didn’t get these issues until I was an adult, so I honestly don’t know if this is something a 12 year-old me would have been excited about.


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