One of my favorite covers

This is the cover for Detective Comics #844, drawn by Dustin Nguyen.

Detective Comics 844

For my birthday, my wife had me pick out my favorite Batman cover, without knowing what it was to be used for.  After flipping through my back issues, this is the one I settled on.  And now, I have a shirt with it on.  I think what makes this cover one of my favorites is that I really like the Batman/Zatanna pairing.  In the future, you can probably expect more of Dustin’s covers feature, as I really like his covers, though not as big a fan of his interiors.


One comment

  1. My favorite Detective Comics story ever is “And Red All Over” (Detective Comics # 796, September 2004). It is a perfect combination of story and action, it pleasantly focuses on Bruce’s ethic and way of thinking, it has a very enjoyable atmosphere and, the icing on the cake, the cover is drawn by Tim Sale.


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