300 Word Rant – Spoilers

I hate having stories spoiled for me.  However, I have accepted that there are some situations in which someone might give away a major plot point, and I can’t be mad at them for it.  A movie that has been out for over 2 years.  A television show that has ended.  Comics that are several years old.  You get the idea.  It needs to have been years in order to give everyone that wants to read/view something the opportunity. So, if you spoil something that’s been out for years that I haven’t watched/read, I can’t get mad at you.  It’s my own fault for waiting so long.

That said, I will get mad at you if you spoil something in an issue that came out in the past two weeks, and I’m currently in the process of buying.  Sure, I expect people at a comic shop to talk about what is going on in comics.  Especially when it is a pretty big story.  But keep things vague.

The correct way:  “What did you think of what happened in issue X?”  “I was really surprised/I liked it/I hated it.”

The wrong way:  “What did you think when [Character name] did [specific action] to [Character name], while making [Character name] [specific action].”

And when I call you out on it, don’t defend yourself by saying that it’s not the biggest part of the story.  I don’t really care.  You still took away the opportunity for me to discover the story for myself, because you couldn’t be considerate of others.  I’m not going to be grateful that you only gave away part of the story, instead of giving away the whole story.

So please, when discussing things in public, please be considerate of others and don’t discuss major story points in front of people who are wanting the opportunity to enjoy the story as you did.  This also goes for walking past a line of people waiting to see the movie you just saw, as well.


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