Secret Sundays

Superman buying glasses

I’m not sure what issue this panel comes from, as I found it perusing the wonderful series of tubes that compose the Internet.  But what I really want to know is, ‘who are these people that Superman buys his very specific glasses from?’  I always thought that he just went to the store, in disguise, and just bought some glasses.  I mean, he couldn’t go to an eye doctor, because then he’d have to take off his glasses, and *poof* the doctor knows he’s Superman.  Also, I might be less inclined to mock the whole secret identity thing know that there’s “science” involved.  If Superman had his glasses built to such exact specifications that it takes a day to make them, then me must have spent a long time researching this.  But back to the “who are these people” issue.  Can they be trusted?  Are they a secret society of glasses makers?  Do they keep Superman’s identity a secret because there was glasses maker/patient confidentiality laws?  Might these people live far away from Metropolis, and have never seen a picture of star reporter Clark Kent?

These are all very important questions.  Grant Morrison should start answering these in a new story right away.


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