A Chuck Austen Love Story

The next stop on our Chuck Austen tour of misery will be She Lies With Angels.  Marvel.com describes the collected work as:

In this special tribute to William Shakespeare’s most beloved work, Romeo & Juliet, popular X-Men artist Salvador Larroca illustrates a poignant but riveting tale about a young human and a young mutant falling in love, and what terrible consequences it will have not only for them, but for their family and friends.

I’ve read this story over one time and I can tell you that it’s not that.  It’s not riveting and while it has the parts of Romeo & Juliet that any 10th grader might know (boy and girl, feuding families, balcony scene) it completely misses the spot on the themes of the story and what makes it a classic instead of a paperback love novel.  It also misses the arc on some of its characters, even giving a d-list supporting character an unwarranted two additional mutant powers, while largely downplaying the original.

I will have to say that it does get the poignant adjective correct, in that it does succeed in “Evoking a keen sense of sadness or regret” each time I go back through it.

And it has sky sex in view of one’s mother.  So there’s that.

This chapter of Chuck Austen’s X-Men will arrive on Valentine’s Day, as my special gift to you.


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