Finally impacted by DC’s cancellations

Since the launch of DC’s New 52, I’ve managed to avoid having any of the books I bought getting cancelled.  Well, that is about to change now.  DC has announced that The Fury of Firestorm and Team 7 are getting cancelled.  The other books are Ravagers, Savage Hawkman, Deathstroke, and Sword and Sorcery.  I don’t really know much about the other books, so I won’t really discuss them.

Cancelling Fury of Firestorm isn’t really a surprise at all.  I’ve talked previously (can’t remember exact post) about how the real surprise was that it wasn’t being cancelled.  It hadn’t been selling well for quite some time.  The first 12 issues told a complete story, with the #0 issue setting up the new status quo for the rest of the DC Universe to use him.  Also, the addition of Dan Jurgens, plus the stories being told, seemed like it was treading water a bit.  Still a fine read, but not really setting up anything new to develop later on.

Will I miss Fury of Firestorm?  Of course.  I wouldn’t still be buying it.  Am I upset that it’s getting cancelled?  Not really.  It’s no secret that low selling books get cancelled.  It is a business after all.  Just because I like something doesn’t mean that everyone will like it.  And it’s not like this was a book that was getting incredible reviews.

Now, I’m a bit shocked that Team 7 (and Sword and Sorcery) got cancelled.  This is a book that’s been around for a whopping 4 issues.  4 ISSUES!  It has 7 issues solicited.  I do remember that the first round of New 52 cancellations happened with issue 8.  But still, this is a really quick hook.  The book didn’t even really have time to really get going.  I am going to miss this book.  It was a wonderfully written team book.  Even with such a large cast of characters, everyone had their own voice and characterization.

Another surprise is that Dial H has not been cancelled.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy that it was not cancelled, but it surely cannot be selling very highly.  I can’t believe that it would have found a big enough audience to keep it going for any length of time.

But in the end, it’s no big deal.  If nothing else, it’s an opportunity to take the $6 I was spending on these books, and try something else.



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