Justice League of America #1

So, Justice League of America #1 came out this past week.  The setup for it comes from the just concluded “Throne of Atlantis” story that was running in Justice League and Aquaman.  While I won’t get into the nitty gritty of that story, what you do need to know is that the Justice League does not look good in it.  Well, to the general public, they do not look good.  There’s in-fighting, they disappear for a spell, and it causes the public perception of them to take a hit.  And that is what brings us here.  Spoilers follow.

Amanda Waller decides that now is the time to form a team that will answer to her.  A team the American government will be able to control.  She persuades Colonel Steve Trevor to train and lead this team.  This being Amanda Waller, of course it is a bit shady.  She uses photos of Superman and Wonder Woman kissing to persuade him that this is something that he should do.  After all, a romance between the two most powerful beings on the planet can either end badly, which is bad for everyone, or go extremely well, which may be bad for everyone.  (Waller points out that Wonder Woman wants to change the world, and what happens if Superman starts to agree.) 

So, with Steve Trevor on board, we now get to the boring recruitment of the rest of the team.  Actually, as far as recruitment sequences go, it wasn’t that bad.  It does give the necessary background on characters that may be unfamiliar to readers, or just plain new to the New 52 DCU.  Let’s have a quick rundown of who is in this:

  • Hawkman – He’ll agree to join because Waller is going to give him diplomatic immunity to continue hunting down whoever he wishes, saying he’s Katar Hol, a police officer from Thanagar, hunting alien fugitives.
  • Katana – She’ll join because Waller has the resources to help her hunt down and get revenge on the people that killed her husband.
  • Vibe – He joins because he’s (seemingly) lured to the prospect of being on a team of heroes, too young and naive.  Waller sees great potential in his ability to control vibrational frequencies and sense things from other dimensions.
  • Stargirl – She is an incredibly popular hero, and would be good for PR.  Waller can blackmail her into joining because she knows who her biological father is.  Whatever that means.
  • Martian Manhunter – Wanted for his power set.  Trevor has doubts he’ll join.
  • Green Lantern Simon Baz – Also for his power set
  • Catwoman – Trevor wants her to join because of her familiarity with Batman.  Trevor convinces her to join because he knows the real identity of the person that stole Selina Kyle’s identity.  Or, something like that.

After Waller leaves, it’s revealed that Martian Manhunter was listening in on the conversation with Waller.  He joins, but also knows that Trevor has his own reasons for going along with this.  At the end of the issue, a badly wounded and disguised Green Arrow is found.  He says that The Secret Society did this to him, but flat-lines before he can tell Trevor who is leading them.

All in all, it was a decent issue.  Hell, I’m tempted to pick up the first issue of Vibe, excuse me, Justice League of America’s Vibe, which is also written by Geoff Johns.  Well, co-written with Andrew Kreisberg.  Actually, I’m going to take that statement back.  Just saw that issue #4 is being written by Sterling Gates.  Not interested in picking something up that’s going to change writers that quickly.  But anyways, these were all fine introductions to the characters composing the team.  And David Finch’s art wasn’t too bad.  From previous exposure, I’m normally not a fan of his art, but this issue was okay.

In the end, I want to recommend that you read this issue, but I’m not certain of its purpose.  Is it here to be a lasting title?  A covert Justice League team, or a “Secret” Justice League, if you will?  Or is it here simply to set up what is going to happen in the Trinity War?


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