Well, how about that Batman, Inc. #8

Hating spoilers myself, I try to take care not to spoil things for people.  That is why all discussion regarding this issue is going to happen after the break.  So, to fill up some space, here’s a picture of Damian Wayne from Batman and Robin Annual #1.

Batman and Robin Annual Damian Wayne window 

And just to make sure you don’t get anything you don’t want, here’s a non-spoiler image from Batman, Inc. #8.

Batman Inc 8 Robin crashing through window

You sure you want to know what’s going?  I’ll give you one more image.  After this image, your non-spoiled mind will not be safe.

Batman Inc 8 Robin Nightwing 1

Batman Inc 8 Robin Nightwing 2



You could have let Damian Wayne live.  It would have been fine for him to just have a near-death experience.  That can create drama.  Really it can.

So yes, Damian Wayne dies in Batman, Inc. #8.  I can’t say that it really is a big surprise.  After all, they’ve been teasing the idea for the past few issues.  It’s just something I didn’t want to think they would actually go through with it.  Batman has been trying to keep Damian out of the action as the rest of Batman, Inc. fights his mother, Talia, and Leviathan.  Damian, being the stubborn kid that he is, does not listen, and rushes off to join the fight.  He does some heroics, and comes face to face with his mother’s new creation.  Essentially, a monstrous version of himself.

Damian pleads with his mom to call off the monster, wanting to talk to her to try to talk her out of this quest she’s on.  His pleas fall on deaf ears, and gets a sword through his chest.  The issue ends with Batman, who had been trapped in a safe in a pool and escaped too late, holding Damian.  The last, small panels are from Damian’s viewpoint, looking up at Batman, and fading to black.

So yeah, my favorite character, right now, is dead.  Dead.  Up until writing this entry, part of me was holding out that maybe a Lazarus Pit would be making an appearance in a couple issues, but that now seems unlikely.  DC announced that all of their March Bat-books would have memorial covers.  So…resurrection seems unlikely.

But aside from killing off the character I love the most right now, this issue was a fantastic read.  If Damian had to die, this was a good way to go.  Aside from the whole sword through his body thing.  He went out the hero because that is what he wanted to be.  It showed just how much he has grown as a character since his debut in 2006.

Also, I think what makes the timing of this death sting a little more is something that happened in Batman #17.  There, when it was revealed that they did not have their faces sliced off, Batman hugged Robin, thankful that he was not scarred.  It was such a touching moment.  A father thankful that his son was alright.  A son thankful to still have his father.  It was a wonderful moment, and Snyder wrote it knowing what was going to happen later that same month.  But more importantly, we will no longer have a Damian Wayne written by Peter Tomasi.  Gone are my dreams of a Tomasi written solo Robin book.

Oh well.  Life goes on.  I’m not going to drop all of my DC titles because I’m upset with this story.  I don’t want DC to tell Grant Morrison that he can’t do what he wants to with a character he brought to main continuity.  Isn’t that what so many people complain about?  Editorial mandates?  So…yeah, I hate it, but I really liked the story.  It’s a very conflicting emotion.  The question now turns to who becomes Robin.  Does Tim Drake resume the role?  Does a new character appear to fill in the role.  Could Stephanie Brown or Cassandra Cain be introduced into the New 52 to fill the role?  We’ll see.  Until then.

R. I. P. Damian Wayne.  You will be missed, until your (hopefully) resurrection.

Batman Inc 8


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  1. I thought this issue was fantastic, and I’m not sure if you saw Morrison’s farewell to his Bat-epic on DC’s website, but it helped put the events of this issue in perspective. One part really stood out to me – “It seemed to me there would be a part of Bruce Wayne that resented his parents for leaving him and especially resented his father for not being Batman that night” – not only is that a terrific and yet simple insight that only Morrison could describe so eloquently…I think that’s the point of Damian’s death. Batman IS Batman, and yet, not even he could save his son at the moment he needed to. Great write-up, by the way!


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