186 Reasons Chris Claremont is Awesome

From  1975 to 1991, Chris Claremont created quite possibly the greatest comic book franchise ever (given the time and the audience, mind you) and steered it almost single-handedly through the twists and turns of character and plot development.  The result was some of the greatest stuff ever published in the funny books and the sole reason I love comics the way I do.

Claremont X-Men

From issue #94 to #279, Chris Claremont had his name appear next to the writer spot.  Sometimes it was co-plotter.  Sometimes it was scripter.  But he was there – for 186 straight issues of a single title, Chris Claremont made something magical.  It’s a run that should be heralded and celebrated.  Yeah, it’s THAT good…for the most part.

Well, since Chris Claremont’s writing had such a large impact in my life, namely two decades plus of collecting books with X on the title, I’m going to do something that shows how much I appreciate his work and how much it meant to me in my younger years.

Come hell or high water, before I end my days as a blogging hack, I am going to present 186 examples of why Chris Claremont’s tenure with the X-Men was awesome.  I’m not going to pull one thing from each issue, but over time, I will present more of Claremont’s X-Men run and hopefully present to you, oh fair reader, how much of an appreciation for his run I have.

So let’s see how that turns out.  I can see J.R. rolling his eyes now.



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