Making something better

Admittedly, we don’t check our email address very often.  We’re only human and we tend to forget that it’s even there, even though it’s right there bam smack on the side.  But when I did check it a few days ago, I found something that had been sitting there for quite a while that I’m kicking myself for not having gone and checked it earlier.

We here at Comicdom Wrecks! love to make fun of Rob Liefeld.  We really do.  He’s successful and we hate him for it because we think his art looks….well, god awful, really.  But in all the Rob Liefeld bashing that gets tossed out, never did I take a moment to think “How could I do it better?”

Ron Joseph did think that, and he shared it with me.  And now I’m sharing it with you.

Ron took the first five pages of the now-cancelled Hawk and Dove and redrew them in his style.





If you ask me, I think he did an awesome job.

And so did the actual scripter of the issue, Sterling Gates, who commented positively on his work posted on Penciljack.

So thanks Ron Joseph for the communications and again sorry it took me so long to check the damn email.  Good luck with your work!  Check out more of his stuff at Deviant Art.



  1. Now THIS just set the tone for my entire weekend. Thanks, Jacob. You rock!

    And I loved the newest Chuck Austen installment, “She Lies With Angels.”

    Keep up the good work.


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