Dear Uncanny Avengers,

I can’t say I’m that inclined to give you the normal Dear John letter we associate with dropping a title, especially since I only gave you about three issues.  So let’s just say that it’s not you, it’s me.

Oh, not good enough for you?  Fine.

When Marvel announced the aftermath relaunch of the Avengers and X-Men lines (again), it felt like there would be a merging of sorts between the two, and I didn’t really like that at all.  After all, I’m an X-Men fan and I’m used to them being the red-headed step-children of the Marvel Universe.  That’s a part of their whole deal – “the world that fears and hates” them schtick.

So the whole AvX made the Avengers realize they had no idea what the X-Men had been doing and they mistrusted mutants, even the two they had who were supposed to show how beyond that they were.  And thus you were born, Uncanny Avengers, as a place to show mutants and human heroes working together – the bridge between the Avengers line and the X-Men line.

Except you aren’t really that, are you?  You see, you’re not enough of an X-Men book to keep me interested.  It’s basically a six-hero team, split half and half between Avengers and X-Men.  Except the three X-Men heroes you’ve picked are Havok, Wolverine and Rogue.  Havok hasn’t been a member of the X-Men team in years, and in fact he was off in character limbo for most of that time until Mike Carey got around to getting you back into the mainstream, only for you to head off to X-Factor (not that there was anything wrong with that).  But Havok, even as so-called leader of the team, doesn’t have an X-Men connection to keep everyone happy.  Which is a part of his selection – he was a government man and therefore trusted.  A figure head, if you will.  And that didn’t particularly interest me.

Of course, having Rogue was an interesting choice.  Besides the main core of characters, she is one of the best-known members of the X-Men line and has even had her own book for the past few years.  But really, I’m tired of Rogue.  I’ve been reading her book and I feel like I need a break from her.  Not a hooking point.

Then there was Wolverine who has largely become an Avengers character anyway, especially with him going anti-X for most of AvX.  So what if he was right?  He’s already stepped away from his own school now that Storm has taken over as headmistress and he follows the major heroes with the Avengers anyway.

And the Avengers part?  Captain America and Thor are appearing in Avengers, which thanks to my roommate Casey I’m keeping up with.  And Scarlet Witch?  Meh.

So you may be perfectly fine, but you just don’t have my interest enough to warrant dropping $4 all five times a month Marvel’s schedule puts you out.

So stay well and I wish you all the best.


One comment

  1. “So what if he was right?”

    Ahem. He was not. First, Wolverine wanted to kill Hope. After that, he wanted to kill the Phoenix Five, as they went about the business of saving the world, and pushed them to fight back and lose control.

    “all five times a month Marvel’s schedule puts you out.”

    Actually, UA is one of the few Now! titles that hasn’t had double-shipping so far. In fact, it’s even had a couple of delays. All-New X-Men, which started after UA, is already up to 9 issues, compared to UA’s 4.

    Anyway, I agree that UA has been underwhelming. I was excited for it. I like the concept. But Remender just hasn’t blown me away. Part of it is the lack of minority characters. This is a book about promoting tolerance, and half the cast is blond-haired, blue-eyed Aryan supermen. Another’s a Southern belle, another’s a hairy Canadian. Out of the initial cast of six, only one – the Scarlet Witch – actually belongs to a real minority, being half-Jew and half-Gypsy. Sunfire’s joining the team, but so are Wasp and Wonder Man, so that’ll put it a whopping two non-white characters out of 9, on the team that’s supposed to be about promoting tolerance for an oppressed minority. Why not take off Cap and bring in Falcon? Replace Wolverine with Dust. Something to make it a little more balanced.


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