Trailer of Steel

The new Man of Steel trailer is here.  What do you think?  I’m holding onto my cautious optimism.  And by the way, any arguments against putting the origin story in the movie are invalid.  Superman’s origin hasn’t really been explored in film since 1978.  Smallville doesn’t count.  It was a television show, and only 2-3 million people watched.  I imagine Warner Bros. is hoping more people than that see the movie.



  1. I DEMAND NO MORE ORIGINS!!!!! From now on, movies must begin in the middle of the story, much like Final Fantasy XIII and to those who aren’t already educated in the knowledge of the source, then WE SPIT ON YOU!!!! YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN READING IT ALL ALONG LIKE THOSE OF US WHO DESERVE THIS MOVIE!!!! All others are just wannabes and n00bs.


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