Things you should be reading – Wonder Woman

I started reading Wonder Woman with #600.  I thought the “Odyssey” storyline would be interesting, and a good place to jump on.  We can discuss the merits of that decision another time.  When the New 52 started, I saw that Brian Azzarello was writing it, and decided to give it a chance.  I had enjoyed Superman “For Tomorrow” and Batman “Broken City.”  And now, here we are 20 issues in (let’s not forget the #0 issue), and this title is one of my favorite monthly titles.*

From the beginning, Wonder Woman has been protecting a lady named Zola, who was pregnant with a child of Zeus.  Zola needed protecting because of a prophecy that said a child of Zeus would take the throne of Olympus.  (Some believe the prophecy says “last” child.)  So, all manner of Greek gods and goddesses have gone after the child.  All for their own selfish reasons, of course.  For instance, Hera isn’t happy about Zeus having a bastard child, so she just wants to kill.  Others want to see it’s death, because they see the child as someone that may get in the way of them taking over throne.  Or they believe that if they control the child, then they will control Zeus.  So, needless to say, there is a lot of betrayal and backstabbing going amongst all of the characters.

And it is quite a colorful set of characters.  Seeing Cliff Chiang’s designs for the mythological characters is one of the joys of the book.  Each appearance is unique, and well suited to their particular duties as a deity.  I’m not going to post any picture, because honestly, that would be a lot of work.  Just Google it.  Or Bing it, if you prefer.

Unfortunately, only a little over 49,000 people are buying the monthly title.  Sure, that puts it somewhere in the 30s in the rankings, but that number is far too low for a quality book like this.  (Hawkeye is lower,  but that’s a plea for another day.)

For your enjoyment, here’s a page from the most recent issue.  Not drawn by Cliff Chiang, but someone that is trying to mimic his style.  Oh, and that is Orion with her, who’s been a pain since appearing a few issues ago.

*Those other titles include Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Batman, Fables, and Hawkeye.

Wonder Woman 19 Orion Kiss


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