Farewell Dial H and Demon Knights

I don’t really read through the solicitations for each month.  It’s more of a skimming.  I will glance through them and see if anything catches my eye.  Today, when reading through DC’s solicits, something definitely caught my eye.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t the good kind of eye catching.  Within the solicit for Dial H #15 and Demon Knights #23 were those 2 dreadful words:  FINAL ISSUE.  This now marks back to back cancellations that I was unable to avoid.  But, I am definitely more disappointed about this set than the previous one.

Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoyed Team 7 and Firestorm right until the end.  (Well, Firestorm has one more issue.)  But I know that I can easily find books like them to read.  Spy team books are not difficult to find.  Hell, that’s essentially what Justice League of America is.  And Firestorm is a young Superhero doing young Superhero things.  Not that uncommon.  But Dial H and Demon Knights were something unique within the DC Universe.  With Demon Knights ending, I can’t simply move on to the other Medieval fantasy series in the DCU, because there isn’t one.  With Dial H ending I can’t just move to another book that…well, I can’t actually describe the type of book.  I just know that there isn’t another book like it.

These aren’t just cancellations.  They’re a decrease of variety.  People complain about how many Batman family books there are, or how many Avengers books there are.  But when something comes out from one of the Big 2 that is truly unique, it doesn’t sell well.  And we’re not talking about poor for a title sold by DC.  These books were not selling well at all.  In April, Dial H was at #149 with 13,355 issues sold, and Demon Knights was at #155 with 12,941 issues sold.  And both those numbers are pathetic.  And I blame you.

Yes you.  I haven’t been this mad at you since The Circle was cancelled by Image many years ago.  You should have been buying these books because there were fantastic.  But seriously, I think there are a couple of factors for why these books didn’t find an audience.  People that would like these series aren’t really looking for them within DC, and there isn’t a very large market for these types of books.  Yes, yes, we all know that comic books are more than superheroes, but let’s be honest.  Comic books are mostly superheroes.  Look at what dominates the sales charts.  Numbers don’t lie.  Well, mostly.  They can be manipulated, but sales figures show what is in demand.  (Yes, there’s some discrepancy between what is sold to shops, and what they sell, but that gets weeded out over the life of a series.)

Oh well, such is the risk of buying some of the unusual offerings by the Big 2.  Honestly, I’m surprised that Dial H will make it to #15.  I was guessing it’d get the axe around #8, like Team 7 did.  With Demon Knights, I’m not certain how long I expected it to last.  Making it to issue #23 isn’t bad for a book like this, I guess.  In the end, I don’t regret spending time and money on these titles.  It was a fun journey while it lasted.

Farewell Dial H and Demon Knights.



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