300 Word Rant – Teen Titans Go!

Finally got around to watching the first couple of episodes of Cartoon Network’s new Teen Titans Go! cartoon.  And it was an inspiring experience.  Unfortunately, it inspired me to write this rant.  The original cartoon had wonderful combination of comedy and storytelling, that worked.  Teen Titans Go! could hold its own when compared to DC’s other animated shows.  And the shorts that appeared during DC Nation were very funny and enjoyable.  So what happened with this version of Teen Titans Go!

In short, Cartoon Network re-tooled it from a DC Comics show to a typical Cartoon Network show.  Gone are the well thought out story lines.  In its place are two separate segments, that each try to stretch out a single gag to fill 10-12 minutes of time.  It’s as if the writers had these plans for their short segments, and stuck with them after finding out that they were getting their own show.  The shorts worked because they kept the jokes short and to the point.  You had the setup, and then the punchline.  Basic joke telling.  With this show, you have the setup, some explanation, some random filler, repeating the setup, possibly doing the setup yet again, and then the punchline.  By the time they get to the punchline, you’re tired of the joke, and it’s not funny.  And the animation is terrible.  Well, it’s comparable to other Cartoon Network shows, which is pretty terrible.  It’s so bad, that it doesn’t really matter that all of the voice actors returned for this, because they’re reciting terrible dialogue.

But maybe I’m just angry because I’m afraid they cancelled Young Justice for this.  Young Justice was a wonderful show, that upheld the tradition of good, animated DC shows.  Maybe I’m just getting old.  A person is old when they consider something to be an assault on their childhood.  Granted, Teen Titans Go! wasn’t part of my childhood.


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