The Prodigal son returns

Any reader of CW! knows that J.R. has been a huge fan of the recently relaunched Young Avengers, but thus far I haven’t taken the time to give it a read.  That may change with next week’s release of issue #6.

The guy on the right is David Alleyne, also known as the former New X-Man Prodigy, who debuted waaaaaaaaay back in 2003’s New Mutants relaunch.  Now that I think about it, it’s really hard to believe that Prodigy is a decade old.

Anyway, of that new crop of characters, Prodigy was always my favorite, as his storyline involved his lightening up, mostly thanks to his friendship with his roommate Elixir and his relationship with his teammate Surge.  When M-Day hit and ravaged the cast of New X-Men, Prodigy was one of the few de-powered mutants to not only stay at the school (and on the team, for that matter) but also stay alive as Craig Kyle and Chris Yost took their glee in slaughtering the former cast of the title.

Just before Messiah CompleX spelled the doom of New X-Men, Prodigy got an enormous power upgrade when the Stepford Cuckoos unlocked all the skills he had mimicked when his powers were still active.  And then no one ever bothered using him again, save for a panel or two of fixing computers.  It was a huge waste for me.

He came around during the Schism as one of the students who elected to remain on Utopia and fight for Team Cyclops, but whatever might have come from that was quickly ended in AvX.  Prodigy was amongst the kids sent off to the Avengers Academy for safe-keeping, and that’s pretty much where he stayed.  When the other kids emerged, he was not amongst them.  He might have been in one of the closing issues of Academy, fighting amongst the other kids, though it was impossible to tell as the character had no lines and basically did nothing.

According to the solicitation for issue #6, not only will Prodigy FINALLY get some kind of story, but it will also explain why he’s been the only X-Kid to not show up in any of the X-Books since AvX.  And this makes me excited.

I have a special place in my heart for the New Mutants and Hellions created by Nunzio DeFillipis and Christina Weir, and practically none of them get used anymore.  For that matter, neither do any of the “Lights” that popped up after Second Coming.  For a line based on training young mutants, any kid post original New Mutants tend never to last long.  At least Prodigy is getting his.

And that makes me happy.


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