Trinity War reporting

Justice League 22 coverThe long teased Trinity War has begun in Justice League #22.  This is part one of six in a cross-over that will continue in Justice League of America and Justice League Dark.  Here’s what happened.  (Spoilers below, duh.)

  • A mysterious woman visits Madame Xanadu to have her future read.  Instead of seeing her future, Xanadu first sees the aftermath of a war, with the word “Trinity” sticking out.  She then sees other things that are currently going on with the heroes.  After some reactions Xanadu has to the cards, she finds out that this mysterious woman is Plastique, who is with the Secret Society (of Villains).  She blows up Xanadu’s place of business.
  • Superman and Wonder Woman are having a conversation about when killing a villain is right, when they are interrupted by Pandora.  Pandora believes that Superman is pure of heart, and capable of opening the box (yes, that box), and trapping evil within it.  She hands Superman the “box,” and he freaks out and attacks them.  Pandora sees that he’s too human, gets the box back, and disappears with it.
  • Dr. Arthur Light (Dr. Light) is threatened by Amanda Waller into joining the Justice League of America.  Had he not joined, they would have sent Martian Manhunter to his wife to erase any memories of Arthur that she had.
  • Billy Baston (Shazam) decides that he wants to take Black Adam’s ashes back to his home of Kahndaq, even though people aren’t supposed to go there.  He had seen Superman and Wonder Woman there in the news, so he figures it’s alright.
  • The Justice League flies to Kahndaq to stop Shazam.  The Atom (Rhonda Pineda), who is a double agent working for Waller and Steve Trevor, informs them that they are heading to Kahndaq.  Waller and Trevor send the Justice League of America.
  • Shazam is starting a “ceremony” for Black Adam when he is fired upon by Kahndaq military.  He is about to fight back when he is attacked by Superman.  The Justice League are asking Shazam what he’s doing there when they are interrupted by the Justice League of America.  Dr. Light is absorbing too much energy from Superman (solar battery), and ends up firing an uncontrollable energy blast at Wonder Woman.  This pisses off Superman, who blasts Light with heat vision.  This seemingly destroys Dr. Light and leads to a fight between the two Justice Leagues.
  • The Question is trying to figure out who the evil behind the evil is, and who would want to cast doubt onto Superman.
  • An unknown man, symbolized with the card “The Outsider,” takes credit to himself that he’s responsible for people thinking that Superman killed Dr. Light.

I don’t have much to say about the story, yet.  I want to see where it goes.  But this first issue has the feel of a big event, rather than the beginning of a cross-over that will lead into the big event.  It just feels important.  Well, as important as a comic book story can be.

I like that it was immediately established that Superman is “too human” to be pure of heart, evidenced by the flash of anger he shows when Wonder Woman is hit by Dr. Light.  And see, the romance had a purpose.  It makes sense that he’d lose it when someone he loves, rather than just a comrade is harmed.  And it is the type of thing Batman was worried about.  I love it when prior plot points come to fruition.

There was one bit of art I want to comment on, done by Ivan Reis.  The Atom is greatly regretting her decision to be a double agent for Waller and Trevor.  As the fight starts, she’s trying to get everyone to stop.  The problem is that she’s so small, no one can really hear or notice her.  This takes place over three panels that I think do a very fine job of conveying the feeling of hopelessness that she must feel.

Justice League 22 Atom

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