Vote on the best X-Men stories!

I’m working on bringing back the long-dormant eXaminations feature now that I’m hitting my groove again, but unfortunately the lady love and I are taking a road trip today, so it’s going to have to wait.  I think I have more Chuck Austen to do too, hint hint.

Anyway, since I’ll be out of town for the new comics day, I’ll leave you with a link over to CBR in which you can vote for the Top 50 X-Men stories ever.  I tend to get bored with these lists myself since the top spots are always going to be some order of Dark Phoenix, Days of Future Past and God Loves, Man Kills with maybe a little Kitty’s Fairy Tale if there is an X-God out there.

Tell you what, if you can get the X-Men vs. Robo-Frankenstein story from X-Men #40 on the list, I’ll finish all of the remaining Chuck Austen stories in a week.


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