Trinity War reporting

Justice League of America 6 coverThe Trinity War continues in Justice League #6, written by Geoff Johns and Jeff Lemire, and drawn by Doug Mahnke.  Spoilers ahead, of course.

  • The Justice Leagues keep fighting until Superman gets everyone’s attention, and asks to be locked up.
  • Amanda Waller sees an opportunity for the Justice League of America to become better than the Justice League in the public’s eyes.
  • Both Justice Leagues are getting mended at A.R.G.U.S. headquarters.  Waller asks Firestorm if he is capable of making Kryptonite.  Wonder Woman is not happy that Steve Trevor did not tell her that a competing Justice League was formed behind their backs, and that that League came out to confront them, saying that had they not, Dr. Light would still be alive.
  • Batman and Wonder Woman are with Superman, who is on a type of lockdown with something covering his head and holding down.  They both express their desire to help, in their own “caring” ways.  Batman is focused on the science of what happened with Dr. Light, whereas Wonder Woman is focused on Pandora and the Box.
  • Wonder Woman visits Hephaestus, The Weaponsmith, to learn about the Box, but he reveals that he didn’t create it, and doesn’t know who created it.  She flies off to enlist the help of Justice League Dark.
  • Steve Trevor visits Superman alone.  He releases Superman from his bonds, and reveals the he’s actually The Question and wants to help Superman figured out who really killed Dr. Light.

While this was a bit of a calm down from the tensions of Part 1, I do like showing the differences between the way the “Trinity” handles this.  Superman doesn’t care if something caused him to do it, he just knows that he killed an innocent man.  Batman is looking for some scientific reason for Dr. Light to have done what he did, and how that caused Superman to do what he did.  Wonder Woman is convinced that it was something within Pandora’s Box that caused Superman to kill Dr. Light, finding it easier to believe in the “myth.”

I also liked the inclusion of Hephaestus, who we all know made Pandora’s Box, according to Greek Mythology.  Sure, they may rile up some Greek Mythology traditionalists, but who cares.  You should be doing new variations on things.  If people want the old story, then they can go read the old stories.


  • What is up with Superman’s coughing?
  • So, who the hell did create Pandora’s Box?

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