Catching up

AvX did a number on me and my comic reading ways.  From Schism straight into it, and then for me to hate it for the majority of it…it might be easy to see why I burned out hard.  I really hated it, because it kept me from doing what I love to do, which is be sassy in a comic blog.  That’s right – I said sassy.

But the good news is that I’ve finally gotten back into the groove, and even managed to get through AvX (very belated review coming soon) and enter the Marvel NOW world.  I’ve got a ton of X-Men to read through, but I’m giving it my all, and with that I’ll be able to be relevant with the current Marvel scene with my posts.  And then more retro stuff, of course.

But one of the fun things about catching up is that there’s a ton of story to read through and I’ve got the benefit of reading it straight through instead of having to wait month by month – or week by week, since this is Marvel we’re talking about.

But it also lets me post funny things I see without risking dreaded spoilers, since I am months behind everyone else.  Like this, for instance.


Fun times.


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