That time The Demon kissed Batman

I was flipping through a comic I had bought at Derby City Comic-Con, and came across this wonderful panel.

The demon kisses batman
from Detective Comics #603, written by Alan Grant, and drawn by Norm Breyfogle


I haven’t fully read the issue, so I’m not entirely sure what The Demon was doing there, but I do know that he decided to not harm Batman because he saw some of himself in him.  My only question is which reboot wiped this event out of continuity.  Was it Zero Hour?  Infinite Crisis?  New 52?  Or, God willing, might this event still be canon.  Maybe The Demon has developed a since of humor in the thousand years between Demon Knights, and when this kiss would have happened.  Someone should reference this right now, to cement that it happened.  Pretty please.


One comment

  1. I read this story in one of DC’s UK reprints which has since been lost. It was a personal favourite as I had not seen Etrigan before, really loved the fact he spoke in rhyme constantly (the only thing I disliked about Demon Knights was when he dopped this trait).
    If you could say which issue this was from I would be grateful 😀 .


    Nevermind I didn’t see the information under the caption. Sorry eyes must be failing me in the infirmity of my early 30’s 😦


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