What is going on with the Hawkeye Annual?

Here’s the first page of the issue.  There’s nothing special about this particular page, but it is representative of the art in the rest of the issue.

Hawkeye annual 1 art

What the hell is going on?  Can anyone explain why you would completely black out the characters at some points?  And it’s not like these are supposed to be silhouettes.  There are times when the characters are outside, in the bright sunshine and still blacked out.  The question “Who is Kate Bishop?” is asked numerous times throughout the issue.  So, I could see if it was just Kate Bishop that was blacked out.  But it’s everyone, and seemingly random times.  Seriously, can anyone see a reason.

And what the hell was up with the $4.99 price tag?  There were 28 pages of content.  A normal issue consists of 20 pages of content for $2.99.  So, it cost an extra $2 for 8 pages.  And yes, I may not have paid much attention to the price had I enjoyed the comic, but I didn’t.  Let me rephrase, the art annoyed me too much to really enjoy the comic.  All I ask of art is for it to convey what is going on in the story so that it makes sense, and don’t cause a distraction from what is going on.




  1. It was a stylistic choice. It took me a couple pages to get used to it, but once I did, I was fine with it. And I loved the mini-Kates in her thought boxes. Those were adorable.


    • I think it was a poor stylistic choice. Comics are a visual medium. They’re not novels, where the author will tell you how something was said. They’re not TV shows and movie, where you can see and hear how the character says their lines. Or old radio shows where you could hear how it was said. In comics, I rely on visual clues to express the tone and feeling of what was just said. Most often, that is done in facial expressions. Take those out, and it’s difficult to tell how things should be coming across.

      But yes, those lil’ Kate thought boxes were adorable, and did more for me than the rest of the art combined.


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