Maximum Linkage: Comic Related Stuff From Around the Interwebs

  – Do you like comics? Since you’re reading this blog, I’d say you do. Do you like the  Muppets? Of course you do. They you’ll love these Muppet/comic mash-ups. (CBR)

  – Who would win in a fight: Marvel or DC? (Slate)

  – The Daily Show’s John Oliver has a moment of nerd rage when a 42 year old inventor is  called the inspiration for the 50 year old Tony Stark character”. (The Daily Show)

  – How Superman vs. Batman would really go down. (Imgur)

  – The cast & crew of Kick-Ass 2 responds to Jim Carrey distancing himself from the movie for being too violent. (Digital Spy)

– Writer and podcast host Brett White has an interesting comment about Marvel & DC’s approach to movies. (Twitter)

  – Antboy is kind of like what would’ve happened had Peter Parker become Spider-Man when he were much younger. Also, you know, bitten by a radioactive ant. (YouTube)

– Goodbye, My Brothers: Probably the saddest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles themed thing you’ll ever see. (deviantART)

– Some people bought a “furnished” house, found a whole lot of collectibles inside. (Reddit)

– If you ever wanted workout advice from Ghost Rider, here’s your chance. (Imgur)


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