Maximum Linkage: Comic Related Stuff From Around the Interwebs

It Stinks!

25 Superman and Batman comics that should be considered for the Man of Steel sequel. (Film Drunk)

Whoever plays the next Batman, at least it’s not this asshole. (E! Online)

Southie Batman is my new favorite thing. (Film Drunk)

Was Ben Affleck’s Daredevil really that bad? (Gamma Squad)

Richard Dreyfuss would’ve been the best Batman. (Twitter)

DC vs. Marvel, all time domestic box office earnings, adjusted for inflation. (Geeks Are Sexy)

A much more detailed breakdown of Marvel vs. DC at the movies. (Congerson Movie Score)

Just in case you’ve started to take for granted how good comic book movies have gotten, here’s the trailer for Howard the Duck. (YouTube)

The Five Best (and Five Worst) Status Quo Changes in Superhero Comics (Topless Robot)

“My name’s Electric Nachos.” A supercut of superheroes introducing themselves. (Screen Junkies)


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