How I learned to love Teen Titans Go

A while back, I wrote a rant about how much I disliked the relaunched Teen Titans Go.  If you don’t feel like reading, it essentially boiled down to the argument of “it’s too different from the original.”  And after that, it wasn’t what they were doing with the DC Nation shorts.  They weren’t the short, 60-second jokes, and instead were about 10 minute drawn out jokes.  But unlike Ultimate Spider-man, I kept watching Teen Titans Go.  And then something crazy happened.  I actually started liking the show.

I’m not sure when exactly it happened, or what episode it was, but now I find myself being happy when I see that the DVR has recorded a new episode.  I shall make an easy to follow list of how this transformation happened.

  1. Get over it.

I needed to accept that this wasn’t the original series.  It didn’t need to be the original series.  If I want to watch the original series, I can still do that.  DC and Warner Bros. didn’t confiscate every copy created and destroy them.  Too often we (myself obviously included) rush to judge things because they aren’t what we wanted.  We loved how things used to be, and when they aren’t that way anymore, the tendency is to automatically assume that it will turn out awful.  In the end, we only harm ourselves.

So, the next time you finding yourself judging something quickly, take a moment to ask why you’re not liking it.  Is it truly low in quality or something you’re not interested in, or are you judging it solely based on what you think you wanted?


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