Iron Man 3 on blu-ray

Iron Man 3 came out on blu-ray and DVD this past week.  Since I’ve already reviewed the actual movie, I won’t repeat it here.  Instead, I’ll just go over the bonus features.

Marvel One-shot:  Agent Carter – Way back with the Thor release on video, Marvel started adding a short film.  They were never anything big.  Just something small to add some new content to the releases.  Well, with Agent Carter, that changed.  This short follows Agent Peggy Carter, 3 months after the events of Captain America.  You know, where she had a tearful farewell with Captain America, as he was crashing the plane into the arctic.  So, she’s now stuck in a field office with a chauvinistic station chief, that will not give her any field assignments.  One night, the chief leaves her all of the paperwork to do while the rest of them get drinks, when the office gets an emergency call.  They have a new lead on Zodiac, and the mission requires 3-5 agents.  Agent Carter decides to go on her own.  There’s some action, and badassery, and in the end, she successfully completes the mission on her own.  The next day, the chief is not happy with her.  He’s lecturing her when he gets interrupted by the emergency phone.  This time it’s Howard Stark on phone.  He tells the chief to tell Carter that it is his (chief) honor to tell Carter that she has been chosen to lead S.H.I.E.L.D.  Carter collects her things, and leaves with one final zinger at the chief.

Deconstructing the Scene:  Attack on Air Force One – This was a neat look at this scene.  To jog your memory, there’s an explosion on Air Force One, and 13 people are sucked out of the plane.  Just watching the scene it does look pretty good and realistic.  Well, as it turns out, they actually filmed by having everyone jump out of a plane.  The only CGI used was to put the Iron Man armor on their Iron Man stand-in.  Then, with the splash down at the end of the scene, they were all on ziplines, and then dropped them into the water.

Marvel’s Iron Man 3 Unmasked – This was a featurette that contained some filmmaker interviews, but nothing really in-depth.  You don’t get any behind the scenes explanation of anything.  I like having a documentary type thing in my bonus features.

Behind the scenes look at Thor:  The Dark World – It wasn’t really a behind the scenes look, and more of a “hey, let’s promote Thor 2 because a lot of people are probably going to buy Iron Man 3.”  And I don’t blame them.  A lot of people saw Iron Man 3.  Thor 2 could really use a post-Avengers bump as well.

There’s a gag reel that’s alright, if you enjoy that sort of thing.  Just wish it would have been longer.  There are some deleted scenes.  None of them are very extraordinary.  A lot of it is people improving various lines.  There is a couple of short scenes with Harley’s bully, but it’s good those were cut.  It would draw out the overall scene had they been left in.

In the end, if you enjoyed the movie, then of course you should buy it.  Just, don’t be too hopeful about the bonus features.


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