Arrow – “City of Heroes”

Arrow returned for its season 2 premiere.  Sorry for the delay in getting it posted.  Have had some technical difficulties this past week.  The show seems to break up nicely into 3 different categories:  flashback, Oliver Queen stuff, and vigilante stuff.  Here’s what you need to know.

Flashback stuff (5 years ago on the island)

  • Slade Wilson and Oliver Queen are training when Shado returns from hunting.  (Oliver and her have developed a romantic relationship.)  Using some of the equipment they took from the mercinaries, they detect some new people on the island.  They go to investigate this, but after they split up, Shado is taken.  Oliver and Slade track them down, and Oliver ends up killing one of the strangers.

Vigilante stuff

  • After the man-made earthquake caused by Malcolm Merlin and Moira Queen, and death of Tommy, Oliver has gone back to the island to seclude himself.  Diggle and Felicity are able to find him, and convince him to return.
  • Upon his return, a group of 4 people impacted by the earthquake have taken it upon themselves to take up the Hood’s work, and seek revenge for the earthquake.  They start by killing the mayor.
  • They decide to go after Oliver, since his mother was partly responsible.  However, all they are able to do is kidnap Thea (sister).  Roy Harper (her boyfriend) tries to stop them, but is unable.
  • Oliver reluctantly puts on the costume again.  He had reservations because he didn’t like the body count he had racked up, and that his friend died thinking he was a murderer.  Felicity suggests that there is a different way to do things, and he doesn’t have to kill people.
  • Oliver goes after the group, and ends up leaving them for the cops.

Oliver stuff

  • The family business is in shambles.  Something about the majority owner being involved in a plot to destroy a section of the city.  Isabel Rochev is attempting a hostile takeover, by buying up enough shares to get a 55% stake in the company.  She and Oliver both currently have 45%, leaving 10% up for grabs.
  • Oliver doesn’t have enough money himself to buy up the remaining shares.  Rochev so far has only been able to purchase 5%.  Oliver reveals that he was able to some help from “family.”  Walter Steele, Moira’s now ex-husband (I think), has purchased the remaining shares.  He felt loyal to Oliver’s father, and wanted to help Oliver.  So now, but Oliver (essentially) and Rochev have 50/50 split of the company.

I don’t really get the whole “going back to the island” thing.  It barely lasted any time at all.  You could have easily just done a thing with Oliver not putting on the hood for a long while.  And it’s a flimsy cover story for Oliver leaving town.  He went to Europe?  His best friend just died, and his mom was involved in a plot to destroy part of the city.  I find it unlikely that he’d even be allowed to leave the country.

I am interested in how far they’re going to go with Roy Harper.  Right now, he’s just picking fights with street thugs.  Do they have Oliver bring him in as a side kick?  If that happens, then does his sister get brought in on the secrets as well?  Or does Roy just decide to be a copycat, and continue doing his own thing.  It should be noted that at the end of the episode, Roy had came to the aid of a lady against 3 thugs, and was himself saved by someone that may have been Black Canary.


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