Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – “Eye-Spy”

Welcome to this week’s episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., titled “Eye Spy.”  Here’s what you need to know.

  • A bunch of people in red masks, with briefcases handcuffed to them, went walking through the city, with many boarding a subway train.  A woman followed the group onto the train.  She briefly closes her eyes, knocks out the lights, and proceeds to knock out all of the people in red masks.  She breaks one of the guy’s hands off and steals the briefcase.
  • It turns out that the woman is named Akela Amador, and she is a former agent that was trained by Coulson.  She had been the loan survivor in a mission, and ended up being considered a traitor.
  • Inside the briefcase was a lot of diamonds.  Amador trades the diamonds for a security card.
  • The team thinks they have tracked down Amador.  FitzSimmons and Skye think hack a local video signal, but it turns out that the video was coming from a truck that ran into the van FitzSimmons and Skye were in.  Back in the bus, they hack the video again, and realized the the video is actually coming from Amador’s eye.  While watching the feed, they realize someone is feeding Amador instructions.
  • May brings Amador in, and they are able to hack the feed to make whoever is watching think that nothing has happened.  Ward and Skye proceed with Amador’s mission while Coulson tracks the controlling person down.
  • Ward completes the mission, which was to infiltrate a building and get a picture of a formula that may have alien origins.  Ward is able to keep the “Watcher” (no, not that Watcher) from knowing what is going on until FitzSimmons are able to remove Amador’s camera eye (it had a fail safe to kill her).  Coulson finds who was sending Amador messages, but it turns out that he was also being controlled, and is killed. 

I supposed I should feel lucky that they only spoiled 2 of the 3 major plot developments.  OMG, she’s a former agent trained by Coulson.  Wait, already knew that from the commercials.  Holy crap, she’s being controlled.  Yep, knew that too.  The only thing that surprised me was when they got to the end, and it wasn’t the actual person behind the scheme.  I hate to keep harping on this issue each week, but I think it seriously detracts from the plot developments in the show.

It is sad that the best character moment of the show came at the very end of the show.  Fitz was playing poker with Ward, and trying to psych him out by claiming to know his tell.  Skye was in a room behind Ward with a pair of “x-ray” glasses from earlier.  Fitz gives her the cue to look at Ward’s cards, but she tells Fitz that she’ll be able to see him without clothes also, and Fitz quickly leaves.  Skye puts the glasses on anyways to look at Ward.  It was a wonderful moment that gave a nice look at the characters being themselves.  I do feel that we’re starting to get some building of the characters, but it’s happening a little too slowly.  What would probably help would be to split the team up for a couple episodes.  This would give a better chance to dig deeper into the characters to develop them more.

Next week is judgement week for me.  And we also know that Skye is likely to be found next week.  If that does happen, then it is far too soon.  Let’s hope it doesn’t actually happen.

One comment

  1. No mention of Akela’s “what’d they DO to him” line? That made the episode for me. Remember how she perceived things when under control? She saw something inside Coulson that we can’t see.

    Are LMDs clones? If so, nothing should have looked out of order. But if he’s something else…


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