Arrow – “Identity”

This past week’s episode of Arrow was titled “Identity.”  Here’s what you need to know.

Island Flashback

  • Having just killed a guy, Oliver is freaking out a bit.  Slade tells Shado to speak with him to clam him down.  They do a bit more than talk, while Slade, who walks up on them, tries not to notice.  Or let them know that he notices.
  • They find a map and a picture on the guys they killed.  The map leads them to a cave.  All they find there are a bunch of WWII era skeletons that have incredibly misshaped heads.

Vigilante stuff

  • A gang on motorcycles led by China White rob a FEMA truck that is headed for a hospital in the Glades.  Roy Harper had tried to stop them, but he just ends up crashing his car and getting arrested.
  • Arrow figures out the next shipment they’re going to hit, and tries to stop them.  Only this time, China White has Bronze Tiger with her.  The fight with Bronze Tiger is interrupted when the police show up, and go after Arrow.
  • Arrow talks with Laurel Lance, who is working for the DA now, and tries to convince her to call off the cops from chasing him.
  • Felicity finds one more shipment that is leaving.  Arrow finds out about it too late to save the drivers, but Diggle is able to drive the truck away while Arrow fights Bronze Tiger.  China White chased after the truck.
  •  Arrow contacted Roy Harper, and asked him to be his eyes and ears in the Glades.  Gave him a red arrow as a sign to contact.
  • Arrow again visits Laurel, hoping that she has reconsidered.  Instead, she set a trap for him, and cops swarm in to surround him.  (End of episode.)

Oliver Queen stuff

  • Oliver Queen visits the hospital in the Glades, only to have Alderman Sebastian Blood turn an angry mob against him.
  • Felicity is not happy about being made the “Executive Assistant” to Oliver, because that’s not what she went to MIT for.  Oliver tells her that he needs her here in case he has to do vigilante stuff during work.  Diggle tells her to be thankful that her secret identity isn’t “black driver.”  It also comes out that Diggle isn’t with Carla anymore, because he couldn’t do it, know that his brother’s killer, Deadshot, is still out there.
  • Oliver talks to Sebastian, and they agree to throw a benefit for the hospital.  However, Oliver ends up not showing because he has to save that last shipment of supplies for the hospital.
  • Sebastian uses this absence to harm Oliver’s perception in the media, despite Laurel asking him not to.

All in all, this was a phenomenal episode, and I really like where this season is heading.  Oliver’s new desire to not kill people was a great way to introduce the trick arrows.  And no, I don’t think it’s an oversight or a plot hole that we didn’t see him make and test the trick arrows.  You know why I think that?  Because that would have been boring.  Very, very boring.  Just accept that as the CEO of large company, he has resources at his disposal.  But Green Arrow once again has trick arrows, and all is right in the world.  I eagerly await the boxing glove arrow.

I like what they did with Sebastian Blood.  It was a good way to show that Oliver can’t always when.  Even when he’s doing what’s best.  He made the correct decision in going to save the shipment, rather than appearing at the benefit.  But the public doesn’t know that.  The public will never know that.  And there’s nothing that he can do about it.

That’s all for now.  See you next time when we see how what happens with Arrow and the cops, and have an appearance by Black Canary.


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