Fables #134

There are some pretty big spoilers in this issue for those that may not be completely caught up on the series, so I’ll put all discussion behind the break.  But as a tease, here’s the cover.

Fables 134

If you’re caught up, you surely know that Boy Blue died several years ago, in issue #78 or so.  More recently, Bigby died at the hands of Snow White’s formerly missing husband, Prince Brandish.  He happened to be someone that was assisting Mr. Dark way back when.  But anyways, Brandish claiming that Snow was his, and being a dick about it, didn’t sit well with Bigby.  Bigby fought and lost when he was turned into glass and shattered.  The 13th floor witches have since been trying to piece him back together in an attempt to resurrect him.  And here we are.

Bigby, in wolf form, finds himself in Heaven.  Well, Heaven for him.  Big forest, plenty of monsters to prove himself against, and game to hunt.  That hunt is interrupted by a hunting horn.  Bigby hunts down the source, only to find Boy Blue.  Blue confirms that they are both in fact dead.  Although, he doesn’t suspect that Bigby will stay that way for long.  Bigby is after all the son of the last North Wind and father of the new North Wind.  And that type of thing has its advantages.

They discuss several things, but there were a couple important topics.  The first being that Blue doesn’t want to come back to life.  He’s content seeing what this “after” life has in store for him.  His only request was for Bigby to tell Stinky to quit that silly cult nonsense. I’ll admit that this is a bit dis-heartening.  Back in issue #112, it was teased that he wanted Rose Red to find a way to bring him back.  Now, I’m not so certain.  Two years later, it seems like Blue is content with where he is.

The next is that Blue thinks Bigby was meant to be one of the great destructive forces.  Bigby admits that he probably would have become that, if it wasn’t for Snow White.  When he met her, he wanted to change to be the type of man she would like.  Blue warns him that if he chooses to return to life, he may still fulfill the role of monster before the end.

However, the really touching moment came at the very end.  Blue mentions that he has to leave so that another will have time to speak with Bigby.  It turns out that the other person is Dare, one of the Cubs.  You should remember that Dare sacrificed himself during the Cubs in Toyland story.  Before returning to Snow, Bigby had been searching for Dare.  Only now he finds him in the “after” life.  Dare just wants his dad to tell him if he did the right thing, as they walk off.


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