X-Men trailer out

I don’t have time right now to completely pick apart the two minute trailer for Days of Future Past, but I will give you something that gave me a little tingling in my fanboy parts.


Hell yeah, that’s Bishop!


  1. I’m in the minority but I have not enjoyed any of the X-Men movies. Sterile action, dull scripts, everything shot so it looks like a small set, and that’s only the better ones,X3 and Wolverine are just flat out bad. Everyone told me how great First Class was but Christ alive it was boring, scenes of mutant teenagers sitting in a room that looks like they’re on Big Brother, Beast transforming only to have everyone shrug it off, the only thing I enjoyed was Hugh Jackmans line.

    Hopefully this one will be a bit better now that they’ve seen Avengers succeed with more outlandish costumes and concepts.


    • I loved the first movie, liked the second one fine (HATED its treatment of Cyclops), HATED the third one with a passion, then swung back around to greatly liked the fourth one. My only problem thus far is the problem I have with the X-Men line in general. TOO MUCH WOLVERINE. Why not send Kitty back in time? More Ellen Page is AOK in my book.


      • (And yes I realize that in the setting presented sending Kitty doesn’t work in the context of Days of Future Past. I do read comics.)


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