Is the new Marvel a Miss?

Marvel has a trademark to keep and so we’re getting a BRAND NEW Ms. Marvel to fill the name vacated a bit ago when Ms. Marvel chopped her hair and took on the Captain role following AvX.

And Marvel’s hitting all the THIS IS A BIG DEAL buttons here.  Female title character, teenager to pull in the kiddies, ethnic origin to add a little cultural flavor, and GET THIS – she’s a Muslim.  ARE YOU EXCITED YET?

I’m sure all the big news outlets will give a paragraph or two to whether this is appropriate for American kids, toss out the usual jargon, Marvel will be pleased that it grabbed a headline, and then everyone will move on.

Me?  I like it.  I’m always up for a new character showing up, and I won’t pass judgment on the story until I give her a shot.  Not thrilled with the character’s name – Kamala Khan sounds like a mix between a Mongolian invader and a Ugandan giant.  I’m not familiar with either writer G. Willow Wilson or artist Adrian Alphona, but that doesn’t mean anything.

I really hope that Marvel treats this new character with something different and unique, and we’re all impressed.

And now I must go find my usual snark.  I seem to have lost it.

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