Peter David relaunches X-Factor to replace X-Factor

So now that we have a month left to go before the All-New X-Factor starts, we get to look at the new team and hark about it for a while.

The only returning cast member from the previous cast is the mistress of magnetism herself, Polaris, whose story in X-Factor led to this new team.  Those confirmed to be joining her are Quicksilver, Danger and Gambit, whom under David’s pen will likely shine bright here.  The blond guy in the background hasn’t been identified, it looks to me like Cypher who hasn’t been doing anything since New Mutants ended a while back.

The big mystery is who the guy with the hood pulled up is, and for that I have no clue.  Let’s just hope it’s not Wolverine and we’ll be fine.

Are you excited about this book?  I sure am.



  1. I’d heard Cypher and Warlock were the last two members. The two are best friends (selfsoulfriends, in fact), so it makes sense for them to go together. I’m looking forward to seeing PAD writing those two, and Danger.


      • It’s funny: When the book was first announced, the initial cast did nothing for me. Polaris is cool, Quicksilver’s OK, I’ve never been big on Gambit. I love PAD, so I knew they’d be well-written, but none of them are characters that really matter to me.

        And then the rest of the cast was announced. I love Danger’s dry sarcasm. She’s funny. Warlock is always fun, with cool speech mannerisms, and visually interesting. And Cypher’s awesome. So the secondary characters, to me, are way more exciting than the main characters.

        Especially Gambit. I hope PAD at least goes easy on the accent. Gambit can be so hard to read because of that damned accent.


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