A moment of pure fanboy-ism

There come moments when I slip back and feel like the bright-eyed 10-year old who waited for Stan’s Comic Shop to open on a chilly Saturday morning so I could spend a chunk of my recently-obtained allowance on Jim Lee X-Men cards.  That innocence and glee and eagerness to absorb anything and everything having to do with comics – there’s just a certain feeling that I don’t get from anything else.

A couple decades later, I’ve become more of a snarky blogger, but there are still moments that shoot me back to those heights of excitement.  Opening my email to find a comment from Bob McLeod about my look at X-Men: Gold gave me that level of excitement.

He’s a guy who has done fantastic work that I absolutely love (early New Mutants, yes?) and whose name I’ve known for nearly my entire fandom, and suddenly I get a brief moment in which he acknowledges words I posted on the internet.

You may think it’s nothing, but I think it’s AWESOME.  Thanks, Bob!


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