X-Force gets some condensing done

One of the things I often say when looking at current X-Books is “why does this book exist?” in the terms of whether there is a storyline logic to a book being put out each month.  Some books, like X-Men, can justify their place my solid quality (and Shogo has really grown on me).  Others, like Uncanny X-Force, not so much.

The X-Force concept has two forms – modern and old-school.  The old-school format is the early 90’s brand of Cable-led militant mutants not playing by the rules.  The modern format is the black-ops, all-but-unknown squad out to do the missions no one else is willing to do (i.e. kill squad).  The latter got a lot of play with Craig Kyle and Chris Yost’s X-Force book which then led to Rick Remender’s Uncanny X-Force which was some excellent stuff.  But when Remender moved on, someone decided that the style should continue, but the rehash of Uncanny X-Force, featuring Storm, Spiral and Puck, hasn’t really done much of anything save bringing back Bishop and using the Demon Bear.

Meanwhile, nostalgia buffs got their fill of old-school X-Forcing in Cable and X-Force which saw Cable have a new team of para-military mutants to do stuff, featuring old X-Forcers Domino and Boom Boom, along with the grab bag of names including Forge, Dr. Nemesis and Colossus.  And it’s been a fun little romp.

But the question has remained “Why do two X-Force books exist?”  Well, apparently even Marvel doesn’t have an answer, so the two are becoming one, as the crossover event “Vendetta” closes both titles and launches X-Force next year.

And that’s all well and good.  When people in the future look back at this period in history, they’re most certainly going to say, “Wow.  That was a lot of pointless titles.”

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