Arrow Mid-season Thoughts

First things first, I know I suck at keeping a weekly schedule.  Having only made it through a little less than half of the Fall season, I figured it would be a good idea to share some thoughts on where the show is at its mid-season break.  And just so you know, I will be staying away from discussing the plots of specific episodes.  Rather, this will be more of my overall thoughts on the show, highlighting things that stuck with me.  If you want episode recaps, I suggest Wikipedia.

Let’s start with the biggest appearance of the season, and that would be of Barry Allen.  I really liked the way they handled it.  I thought it was really successful, because they kept it simple.  More often than not, the simple way is the best way.  Yet so often, writers decide to make things overly complicated.  But here, we were promised Barry Allen, and we got Barry Allen:  a forensic analyst (or whatever the title is) whose mother is killed by a “man inside of a blur.”  He becomes The Flash after an accident involving a lightning strike and some chemicals.  In the show, the only thing that was really added was a malfunction of a STAR labs super collider.  But really, that’s just a good way to create a rogues gallery for The Flash.  So, there really are not any issues there.  More importantly, these episodes have me interested in a show featuring The Flash.

I have mixed feelings regarding the way Black Canary was introduced.  They made Black Canary the formerly presumed deceased Sarah Lance.  I’m not entirely certain why I have these feelings.  The first season, Oliver felt guilt over Sarah’s death, but now it’s revealed that he had actually encountered her on the island.  Of course, something could happen on the island where he thinks she’s dead again, but that’s yet to be seen.  I just didn’t like the added drama of Officer Lance finding out that Sarah is still alive.  Don’t get me wrong, there needs to be a Black Canary, and it needs to be a Lance.  I’m just not a fan of how they went about creating her.  

I am not really surprised that Moira Queen was found not guilty of murder.  There’s not much of a point in keeping her in prison unless you you want to write her off the show fore an extended period of time, without killing her.  The insinuation that the jury may have been tampered with by a not dead Merlyn was a nice touch, and make the verdict a bit more believable.

I am really interested in how far the show will go with the League of Assassins, especially since that have explicityly mentioned Ra’s Al Ghul.  There was no nudge and a wink.  He was mentioned in the show.  I have to believe that they wouldn’t have bothered mentioning him if they didn’t plan to use him at some point in the show.  It’s not like they can just name drop a character that they’ve introduced somewhere else in the universe.  Add in Nanda Parbat, and I really don’t have any idea what they’re going to do with it.

I don’t really see the point in Summer Glau’s character, Isabel Rochev, being on the show.  They introduced her as if she was going to be a major thorn in Oliver’s side, but have it to really do that with the character.  I can only think of 3 appearances that she has made:  once to try to take over the company and end up being an equal partner, once to go to Russia where it seems like she is going to be the thorn but ends up having a heart-to-heart with Oliver and they “sleep” together, and finally, the last appearance where she’s unhappy with Moira being brought back into the fold after her acquittal.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that don’t like the character, I just feel like there isn’t a point to her.  I just hope they didn’t bring her in to get close to Oliver, only to kill her off.  I don’t really feel like seeing the comments for the Interwebs that action will bring about.

I don’t really have anything to say about Diggle and Felicity, but just know that their character development is something I believe that makes this show enjoyable.  Really, that goes for all the supporting cast.  Without a good supporting cast, you’re not going to have a good show, regardless of the plot points you hit each episode.  It’s the difference between a show like Lost, and shows like The Event or FlashForward.

But that’s all for now.  If anything noteworthy happens, I’ll try to talk about it that week.  Of course, that’s making the assumption that I can stay caught up on it.

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