He’s Coming

TED KORD LIVES!!!!  And not just in some Multiverse story by Grant Morrison that may or may not eventually come out…some day.  Ted Kord will be alive in the New 52.  Well, in Forever Evil #1, it was hinted that there was a college age Kord running around, but now we know for certain that it is Ted.  And Ted will be making in appearance in Forever Evil #7, and continuing on in Justice League.  This according to Geoff Johns in an interview with Newsarma.  Well, here’s a link to the Robot 6 article I found it on because I don’t visit Newsarama after getting a virus after visiting the site on two different computers.

While this isn’t really exciting news for myself, it is for my partner in crime, Jacob.  He happens to have 3 Ted Kord/Blue Beetle figures, plus a custom Mighty Mug that someone painted to resemble Blue  Beetle.  Because of my aversion to Newsarama, I haven’t read the full interview with Johns, so I don’t know if he actually states that Ted will be a Blue Beetle.  There’s also a question of what happens to the current Blue Beetle, Jaime Reyes.  Of course, it wouldn’t be unprecedented for DC to have two Blue Beetles running around.  With Wally West returning, there may be 2 Flashes running around.  And there were before the New 52 began.  Hell, there were two Batmen running around for a bit.


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