Month: February 2014

Two young team books ending

I am a bit behind in my reading.  Maybe a month to be exact.  So it was tonight that I read the final issues of two of my teen team books.  Those would be Young Avengers and The Green Team.  I imagine that you are at least somewhat familiar with one of those titles, but let me assure you, they are both fine titles that had potential.  Let’s start with the title that you are probably most familiar with, and who’s ending I have the most beef with.

There is not a good reason for Young Avengers to end.  The book was selling well enough.  In December, issue #14 (the second issue that month) sold 22,692 copies.  Good enough for 91st place.  That may not sound that great, but it was above other mainstream Marvel titles.  So don’t give me sales as a reason to cancel it. The other reason to end it would be that Kieron Gillen doesn’t want to write it anymore.  If that’s the case, then fine.  He’s entitled to write whatever he wants to write.  But surely there is someone that could write good Young Avengers stories.

And Marvel, if no one is coming to you with pitches, then you can go out and find a writer.  It would be quite alright to find someone that can write good stories, and go, “hey, we need you to come up with some Young Avengers stories.”  So you won’t be able to market the book based on the writer, probably.  So what?  These are good characters that people have spent time building up, and they can stand on their own.  If you’d let them.  Instead, you put them on the shelf to collect dust, until they’re needed to tie into something else.  There’s an event going on?  Sure, throw them into a tie-in.  We need to find the Scarlet Witch before AvX?  Sure, have the Young Avengers do it.  We want someplace for the Kid Loki we just created?  Young Avengers will be a good place.   (more…)