Star Wars gets a rebooted future

One of the most fun parts of any sort of fantasy/sci-fi establishment is that usually there’s a whole lot of content for those willing to look for it.  Take Star Wars for example.  Sure, six movies in 37 years may seem like not a whole lot to base an insane fanbase on, but in the time that George Lucas hadn’t been making Star Wars, other people and groups expanded the franchise through books, games, comics, and pretty much anything else you could use to tell a story.

So even though the main story stopped with a group shot in a tree village, tons more went down beyond.  Did you know Han and Leia had twins, only for one of them to go all Dark Side and kill Luke’s wife who just happened to be a former assassin that tried to kill him?  How about the Emperor being cloned?  Chewbacca being crushed to death by a planet?

All of this happened, and all of it was considered canon.  It was one of those things that Star Wars fans held over the Trekkies.  OUR expanded universe actually MEANS something, nerds.

Oh, wait.  Hold on there.

You recall that Disney acquired the rights to Star Wars and immediately announced a new trilogy of movies, right?  It was sort of a big deal.  One of the big questions was how was the new material going to fit into all the material that has been put out before?  After all, the Expanded Universe has had decades of material and a whole crap ton of material put out.  Would we be seeing movie versions of established content?

Not so much.  Instead, those makers of Star Wars put out an OFFICIAL notice saying that the only things in the Star Wars Universe that are CANON are the six movies and the Clone Wars TV series.  All books, comics, video games, etc. are right out.  Sorry, Dash Rendar fans.  Going forward, any NEW Star Wars content will be considered canon, as the new owners begin to tell a whole new tale moving forward.

Sorry, EU enthusiasts.  Your asses just got rebooted.

But that’s not a bad thing.  No matter how many books or video games get knocked from the official continuity, the main message still remains that we are getting NEW STAR WARS MOVIES.  If that doesn’t excite you, then you really should re-think your fandom of the product.  Of course, Star Wars is that odd little thing in which so many of the fans absolutely hate everything about it and think they could do it better, but that’s beyond the point.  Star Wars was and remains a movie franchise, so nipping the “how does this play with the secondary stuff” questions officially in the bud is great.  It’s a definitive move that any franchise looking to reboot should establish.

That would include you, DC.

So while for now Boba Fett is once again dead in a Sarlacc belly yet midiclorians are definite, it really is a good thing for a franchise that is finally growing about a decade later than it should have.


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