About Sean

In the wonderful escape from reality onto the colorful world of comics, death is nothing major.  Someone dies only to be gone for a few months or years with the expectation that eventually someone will come along and bring them right back to the norm.  Time loops, ray guns, magic spells – there’s always that wonder solution when the problem calls for it.

But in the far too horrible plane of reality, death is an absolute.  A horrible, tragic thing that can take a loved one far before their allotted time with no explanation or reason to it.  It’s not the logical step in an ongoing story.  It’s not the climax of an act that gets us turning the page.  It’s far too real – and it makes those of us that like to get lost in the imaginary worlds of comics and video games see that there is a harsh reality that causes us to need these escapes.

We here at Comicdom Wrecks! are mourning the tragic death of Casey’s little brother, Sean.  He was talented beyond belief, had a heart of gold, and always had a smile on his face.  The kid (always a kid, even into his 20’s) was amazing – and in the 19 years I knew him, I watched him grow from an adorable kid with a big head to a strapping young man who was simply awesome.  Every time I saw him, we greeted each other with a big hug as we continued the long running joke of declaring our love for one another.

As Casey and I plowed through our teenage years side by side, Sean was always there to get smacked around when we were trying out a new wrestling move, which of course stopped when he hit his growth spurt and put some muscle on and could easily outmaneuver the two lazy comic nerds.  But he laughed about it and always made us feel like we were still the big brothers over him and reminded us of the time we decided it would be a good idea to double powerbomb him onto a broken bed.

There simply aren’t words to describe this.  I want to scream to someone to make sense of it all.  I want to go run out to find the person with the magic spell that can make this better.  But we have to deal with what has happened and move on as best we can.  And we support Casey and his family in their time of anguish.

Goodbye, Sean.  I long for the day I get to see you again.


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