Misleading covers

It’s not uncommon for a cover to not exactly be representative of what is contained in the issue.  Often you get what essentially is a poster, but these aren’t very misleading.  Slightly worse is the instance where you have an epic looking fight scene on the cover that features the main character and a guest character, and then you find out that they don’t really fight as much as the cover makes it seem. These are slightly misleading, but at least the guest character is in, the book and there is kind of a confrontation.  And then we have Guardians of the Galaxy #15.

Guardians of the Galaxy 15

That is Captain Marvel on the cover, with the phrase, “And now Captain Marvel” on the cover.  Guess who isn’t in this issue.  If you guessed Captain Marvel, you would be correct.  Now, I didn’t buy the issue because I thought Captain Marvel was in it, so I’m not angry about that.  I just have to question how something like this makes it through editorial.  Surely someone must think it’s a bad idea to feature a character on the cover, implying that she makes an appearance, and then not have her in the book at all. 

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