Weekly Viewings

Another week gone means it’s time for another edition of Weekly Viewings.  We still only have Gotham and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. on the schedule.  That will all change with the premieres of Arrow and The Flash.  Yes, I know that The Walking Dead also premieres on Sunday, but I haven’t gotten any further into Season 4 still.  Besides, it wouldn’t go on next week’s anyways.

Here’s what we have this week:
Gotham “Selina Kyle,” in which a couple is kidnapping homeless kids.
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. “Heavy is the Head,” in which the team search for the Absorbing Man and the Obelisk.

Gotham Selina KyleGotham “Selina Kyle.”  A male and female are going around kidnapping homeless children by offering them food, and then knocking them out by stabbing them with a pin.  In this instance, an adult gets shot, and a kid escapes, only to get thrown through a window.  Selina Kyle was there, but she didn’t participate or get captured.  The GCPD is told by the escaped kid about what happen, but they want no part of it, even after they know he’s not a drug user.  Gordon tells Barbara, who tells the paper, which then forces the GCPD to do something.  They track down who sells the drug that was used, and they find the most recent group of kids that were kidnapped.  The city decides to send all the undesirable kids to a juvenile detainment center, but the couple that was kidnapping kids takes the bus that Selina Kyle was on.  Gordon and Bullock “convince” a guy they captured with the earlier sting to give them some clues as to where they were heading.  The couple was kidnapping the kids for the Dollmaker.  Gordon finds the place, and everything works out.  Selina, in order to keep from going to the detainment facility tells Gordon that she saw who killed the Waynes.

Other stuff includes Cobblepot renting a trailer, and then taking someone hostage.  He’s trying to ransom the guy, but the guy’s mother thinks it is just a prank.  Carmine Falcone lets Fish Mooney know that he’s onto her, and has her “lover” beat up.

There’s a “subtle” bit that I want to comment on.  Well, actually two bits, but they’re in the same scene.  When Gordon finds the homeless man that was shot, he sees the guy’s dogtags and realizes that he’s a vet.  That’s one.  The other is when the cop who was supposed to be guarding the scene was instead at the restaurant down the road, because they pay him.  The cop bit is good.  It adds to the characterization of the police department.  It shows just how far down the corruption goes.  The vet bit is not good.  What’s the point?  Yes, Vets being homeless is an issue…in the real world.  Gotham isn’t the real world.  The issue didn’t exist there until they made it exist.  Are they going to address the Homeless vet issue in the future?  Did they need to have a vet get killed for Gordon to be interested?  That would be terrible.  It’s kidnapped kids.  You shouldn’t need another reason to be invested in the investigation.

Agents of SHIELD Heavy is the headAgents of S.H.I.E.L.D “Heavy is the Head.”  This episode picks up right where the last one left off.  May is chasing Creel (Absorbing Man) because he has the Obelisk.  Coulson tells her to not engage.  Hunter (surviving mercenary) is captured by the Army, and General Talbot offers him anything he wants if he’ll give up Coulson’s location.  Even with Creel’s ability, coming into contact with the Obelisk is starting to change him.  His Hydra contact tells him to be calm.  He also comes into contact with Raina, who offers to help him, and points out that she’s not with Hydra.  Hunter returns to the team, but Coulson is well aware of what Talbot offered him.  But Coulson trusts him, so he sends him with the team on a mission to take down Creel.  Creel is set to hand off the Obelisk to his Hydra contact.  Hunter hits May, Skye, and Triplett with Icers, and tries to take out Creel himself.  This fails, but Coulson is there with a new device that puts Creel out of commission.  In the confusion, Raina picked up the case that the Obelisk was in.  Coulson hands Creel over to Talbot, and then calmly leaves when he shows Talbot that they have developed the cloaking technology.  Raina takes the Obelisk back to someone, who tells her to pick it up.  She does, and instead of turning her to stone, it lights up.  The man says that it let her live.

In other aspects, another lab tech, Mac, has started interacting with Fitz, and helped him to come to the realization that he had already developed a way to deal with Creel and his abilities.  I’m interested in seeing how this plays out.  At some point, you’re going to have to have Fitz interact with people that are actually there.  Coulson also had another episode where he carved a bunch of symbols into a wall while May photographed it.


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