Why I’m not interested in Sensation Comics featuring Wonder Woman

Having fallen behind my monthly readings yet again, I finally read the first issue of Sensation Comics featuring Wonder Woman.  I went into the issue already thinking that I wasn’t going to continue on with the series, having gotten this issue because the main story was written by Gail Simone and drawn by Ethan Van Sciver.  This first issue did nothing to change my mind.  Here’s why.

My main reason is that it’s an anthology series.  I am not a fan of anthologies.  I’ve previously complained about them in the 80-page giant issues that sometimes get released.  Sure, sometimes the stories are nice, but most often they are never long enough to really go in depth into a story.  Let’s take the Simone story from issue #1 as an example.

In Gotham City, most of Batman’s Rogues Gallery teamed up to immediately take out Batman, Nightwing, and Robin.  Oracle, yes Oracle, calls in Wonder Woman to help.  Wonder Woman comes in and doesn’t have much success at first, trying things Batman’s way. That is through fear.  I’m not entirely sure how she was doing things Batman’s way, other than not killing anyone.  She goes through a moment where she thinks about just taking out the villains for good, but decides to do things her way.  Which is by putting the lasso around the villains and making them see their inner most…fears?

That alone isn’t necessarily that bad of a story to tell.  But with this format, there’s just not enough time to fully explore what is going on within the story.  Everything has to occur within part of an issue.  Sure, Simone’s story took 21 pages, but here, a second issue would be useful.  A second issue would have allowed Simone to show exactly how Wonder Woman changed her methods in dealing with the Rogues.  Instead, the resolution consists of Wonder Woman saying she’s going to do things her way, enlisting the help of Catwoman and Harley Quinn, charging the villains in one panel, then having all of them in the lasso of truth in the other.  Seriously, there is no showing of how she was able to subdue them this time, when she failed to do so before.

Sensation Comics charge

Sensation Comics lasso

Seriously, how do you get from the first panel to the second?  Sure, Wonder Woman got help from Catwoman and Harley, but you’re telling me that they were more effective than an army of Amazons?

Now, none of this means that I don’t think there shouldn’t be a second Wonder Woman title.  Sensation Comics could exist alongside Action Comics and Detective Comics.  What they could do with Sensation Comics is tell a different type of story than what you have going on in Wonder Woman.  In Wonder Woman, Azzarello has been focused on the Greek mythology aspect of the character.  And yes, I know he’s leaving, but that doesn’t mean you have to abandon the mythological stories.  Keep her in that world in one of the titles.  In the other title, you can have her interact with the rest of the DC Universe.  It could work.  Will people buy two Wonder Woman books?  That is the question.  But either way, in it’s current state, I’ll not be buying Sensation Comics.


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  1. That would be an example of a “big stupid” comic. One of those where the heroes all show up at the end and have the fight-smoke scene with people coming in and out and then they’re done.


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